June 28


The Brazilian ROTA 2030 programm


Speaker: Margarete Gandini – Director of Brazilian Development, Industry and Foreign Commerce Ministry – Brazil


World class toolmaker towards industry 4.0


Speaker: Dr. Jefferson de Oliveira Gomes – SENAI-SC General Manager – Brazil


Making tools in a Virtual Enterprise Environment: Competitivity with profit.

Briefing: Presents results of the implementation of the Paradigm of Virtual Companies (VCs) in a group of small and medium companies manufacturing molds in the south of Brazil. Learn how VCs better handle the various market demands by combining complementary competencies and scale through more formal and intensive collaboration over the Internet. Understand how VCs gain competitive advantages through sharing of resources, knowledge, risks, costs and benefits, highlighting good practices and also the main obstacles in implementation.

Speaker: Dr. Ricardo José Rabelo – Professor of UFSC – Federal University of Santa Catarina – Brazil.

PhD in Robotics and Integrated Manufacturing at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal and postdoctoral degree in Collaborative Innovation from Griffith University, Australia. He is a professor at the Dept. Of Automation and Systems of the Federal University of Santa Catarina. With 20 years of experience in computing infrastructures supporting Collaborative Networks, Virtual Companies, Industrial Clusters and Suppliers Chain Management. Member of numerous editorial committees in Brazil and abroad, has more than 200 articles in magazines, books and congresses. Coordinates GSIGMA (Group of Intelligent Manufacturing Systems and Collaborative Networks).


Worldwide networking by ISTMA


Speaker: ISTMA President.


Free visitation of the “4.0 Toolshop Show”




An approach about actual and future business with National and International Toolmakers

Briefing: Evolution of the die and mold industry in the past fifty years in domestic (Brazil) and external markets; main fabrication poles, statistical figures of companies and production, specialties; business future perspectives for the next twenty years, trends and challenges.


Pablo Pascual Lopes – Diretor Desenvolvimento e Qualidade Industrial Gestamp – Espanha
Marco Afonso – Diretor Gestamp – Brasil Paraná


Addictive Manufacturing Technology By Selective Laser Melting (SLM).


Speaker: Prof. Dr. Igor Yadroitsau Ihar – Engineering & IT University – USA

Prof. Igor Yadroitsev (Ihar Yadroitsau) is Research Professor at Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Central University of Technology, Free State. In 2015 he was appointed as SARChI Research Chair in Medical Product Development through Addictive Manufacturing. Prof. Yadroitsev has 32 years of academic experience in Applied Optics & Laser technologies (selective laser melting/sintering, laser processing, material science, optics). He has strong interdisciplinary background and extensive experience in the field of Physics and Engineering. He published more than 130 papers and he is a holder of 10 patents.


Laser Texturing Technology


Speaker: Djemel Dellouche – CEO – Georg Fischer Machining Solutions Ltd. – Swiss


360º management: Toolshop in a modern approach.


Speaker: Reginaldo Barcelos – Moldtool Toolshop Engineering Manager


Japan: structuring actions to develop capability of foreign suppliers.

Briefing: learn directly from the most knowledgeable expert on die and mold industry what real actions he led to promote the industry in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and India. Understand the Japanese policy for the die and mold industry, the importance of the sector for the country; state of the art in technology and business management; potential growth of domestic die and mold acquisition; potential growth of DM industry; country growth plan for the next 10 years.

Speaker: Prof. Etsujiru Yokota – Professor of Tokyo University


A private-public partnership as an industrial turnaround strategy


Speaker: Robert Williamson – INTSIMBI – África do Sul


Skills and enterprise development as a critical component of the turnaround strategy


Speaker: Lourens Dirk van Dyk – CEO NTIP South Africa


Worldwide Toolmakers Industry Panorama: Trends and Challenges


Speaker: Prof. José Manuel Pereira Ferro Camacho – IADE – Universidade Europeia – Portugal

PHD in Management from ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon, Master in Management and Industrial Strategy from the Superior Institute of Economics and Management. He is responsible for curricular units in Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, Management of Design and Innovation at the European University of Lisbon. He is a UNIDCOM researcher. Responsible for editing the ISTMA Statistical Year Book. Author of numerous studies of opportunity and articles of scientific nature and opinion.


Special Session

Briefing: Award Honoree

Speakers: ISTMA World President and ABINFER President

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