In the same way, ABINFER annually gathers the companies of the chain of tool manufacturers in Brazil and this year, incorporated at the ISTMA 2017 will hold the ENAFER 2017 – 10th Brazilian Toolmakers Gathering, an itinerant event that takes place in the States of São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. This is the largest national event in the area of ​​tooling in Brazil. In this edition the meeting will provide the contact with approximately 250 companies in the tooling industry, where the current context of the tooling market (molds and matrices) will be discussed.

The purpose of the National Meeting of Tooling is to promote the discussion among businessmen and government agencies on topics common to the national tooling industry. The meeting will address the actions for the sustainability of the national tooling industry, validated in the previous meetings. These are some of the topics to be discussed: problems and obstacles to the technological and managerial evolution of the sector and direct implications in the development of the production chain; programs to promote the consolidation of the sector at the national level; technical and administrative training formats; current and future market situation; new technologies and operating models; implementation of technological solutions to raise productivity and profitability of companies.

With the accomplishment of the ENAFER – National Meeting of Tooling, the main objectives of the entities are:

  • report on the activities carried out by the entities for their associates and inform the planning of future actions;
  • articulate a business environment favorable to the consolidation and development of the national tooling industry, which implies the growth and strengthening of the supply chain of tooling (tools, suppliers and customers);
  • inform and guide the progress and procedures of the INOVAR-AUTO Technological Innovation Incentive Program and the Automobile Supply Chain Program, in order to allow the effective participation of the tool manufacturers in the program;
  • sensitize the toolmakers to the importance of planning and building a business plan with goals and procedures that guide the company in the pursuit of profitable and healthy management and the perpetuation of the business;
  • present the quality management project for tool shops with a view to introduce the national sector into the world market of tool manufacturers based on best practices;
  • generate demand for tools for the national sector through the contact among customers, toolmakers and suppliers;

Contato Nacional: Pedro Pereira – Diretor Executivo ABINFER / escreva para info@istma2017.com / ou ligue +55 47 99971-1751

Direct International Support: Emerson Tribuci / write to info@istma2017.com / or call +55 47 99948-8750

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